10 Caribbean Experiences You Shouldn’t Miss
The Caribbean is a diverse region that offers lots of holiday experiences, from luxury holidays in St Lucia, to sailing holidays in the Grenadines and bird-watching retreats in Dominica.
The Caribbean offers so much, including rich culture, exciting outdoor adventures, vibrant underwater worlds and delicious cuisine.
If you are planning a visit to the Caribbean anytime soon, here are our top ten Caribbean holiday experiences you shouldn’t miss.

Swimming with Dolphins

For many travellers travelling to the Caribbean, swimming with dolphins is always on their to-do list of activities. Since there are different species of dolphins in the Caribbean Sea, this region is the best place to enjoy seeing and swimming with these beautiful and rare creatures.
Whether your holiday destination is the Bahamas, Jamaica, the Mexican Caribbean, or another part of the Caribbean, there are plenty of places to choose from if you want to experience what it feels like to have a swim with dolphins.
10 Caribbean Experiences You Shouldn’t Miss

A visit to the Bob Marley Museum in Jamaica

Who hasn’t heard the name “Bob Marley”?
Jamaica is known for producing lots of international music and sports stars, but Bob Marley (a reggae icon) is arguably the most famous Jamaican who ever lived. His timeless music which had a global impact is so deep that visitors can’t wait to get enough of the Kingston Museum that celebrates his heritage.

Hope Road which housed his former home, has been designed into an exhibition containing Marley memorabilia. In the house are his gold and platinum records, Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award, costumes, a 3D hologram from his 1978 One Love Peace Concert and photographs.
Every room, including his recording studio, is maintained just exactly as it was when Marley lived there. This experience brings fans up close to the great reggae icon and his world.

Visit the Montserrat Volcanoes

Once a sleepy backwater, the still-active Montserrat volcano has put Montserrat island on the world map, by becoming a tourist attraction.
You can take boat tours around the volcano which erupted in 1995 after lying dormant for thousands of years, causing part of the island to be buried under volcanic ash.

Relaxing On The Beach

One of the most challenging decisions to make if you are going to the Caribbean to relax on the beach is choosing which beach to relax on. There are so many great and beautiful beach destinations to choose from.
To enjoy a relaxing beach experience, just forget all your worries and chill while relaxing in the sun, or playing on the white sands. If you can swim, then take a swim in the warm seas, and enjoy some chilled sangria or rum cocktail.
10 Caribbean Experiences You Shouldn't Miss

Jumping down the 27 waterfalls

The Dominican Republic houses spectacular waterfalls and jumping down the waterfall is a beautiful experience. Rio Damajagua is a river found on the northern side of the island, near the city of Puerto Plata, and it forms twenty-seven natural waterfalls known as Charcos. With the help of experts, you can hike, swim, slide and climb your way through 27 individual waterfalls, with jumps reaching as high as 25 feet (about 7.5m).

Go Diving

Beaches offer calm and warm waters, with beautiful white sand and an incredible variety of small and large aquatic life. The Caribbean is, without a doubt, a huge favourite place for scuba divers.
However, in the Caribbean with its diverse areas, deciding where to dive can be overwhelming. To help you decide, take into consideration your interests and budget, as well as the season. Rates are cheaper between May to June and late November to mid-December, and there are fewer crowds.

Try Flyboarding

Watersports arrangement is almost a ritual for fun-seeking individuals in the Caribbean. Flyboarding seems to be the latest water-based experience for fun-seekers coming to Caribbean islands. The device, which looks like a hoverboard connected to a hose, uses water pressure as a propeller which lifts you up out of the water and makes you fly! Most people love flyboarding not only because it looks super cool, but because it’s also easy and super fun.

10 Caribbean Experiences You Shouldn’t Miss

Take a trip to see the Luminous Lagoon in Jamaica

The Lagoon extends along the marshlands of Trelawny, from the small community of Rock to the town of Falmouth. The Lagoon is famous for being the home of millions of dinoflagellates (which are neither plants nor animals, but many have plant-like characteristics). When it is night time, the lagoon sparkles and when it’s disturbed, it glistens, as these microscopic organisms produce a mysterious glow, reflecting the outlines of fish and other objects in the water.
The Luminous Lagoon is believed to be the most brilliant and largest of four in the world. This makes it continuously attract and awe visitors from all over the world.

Take a mud bath in St Lucia

Saint Lucian mud baths are a geographic and geothermal wonder thanks to the old and unique volcanic activities in the region. If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind experience, then this incredible Sulphur Springs, located in the southwestern quadrant of the island near the Pitons is your sure bet.
Some claim taking this mud bath can help reverse the signs of ageing, while others suggest it as a sure remedy for burns, arthritis and mosquito bites.
The mud comes with a very strong sulphurous smell, but that’s not too much of a price to pay, to visit this unique attraction and have a unique experience.

Try A River Tubing Adventure

Enjoy the experience of floating through some of the most incredible scenery in Dominica with a river-tubing journey down the Layou River. Experience the excitement while you float, slide and glide down the easy-to-navigate yet thrilling rapids under the guidance of a trained guide.
This experience is a fun one!
There you have it, our top 10 Caribbean Experiences you shouldn’t miss, on your next trip to the Caribbean islands.
Do you feel that we left out some other interesting experiences? Let us know in the comment section.