A Different Kind of Christmas for 2020

2020 has been a year for the history books. 

Covid-19 came out of nowhere and turned the entire world upside down – masks have replaced smiles and social distancing has replaced hugs and human interaction. For some, it was a year of hardship and loss, for others, a time for self-reflection, introspection and rediscovering the important things in life as we all learned to adapt and press forward. With Christmas just days away and the new year just around the corner, writer Cherisse Moe, interviewed TV sports anchor, James Saunders, Tobagonian soca singer, Adana Roberts, Guyanese gospel artiste, Samuel Medas, radio DJ, Howard ‘Howie Tee’ Thompson, calypso queen, Terri Lyons, and Olympic athlete, Khalifa St. Fort, to find out how they will be spending Christmas 2020 and how different this Yuletide season has been for them.

James Saunders

Adana Roberts  A Different Kind of Christmas for 2020

Usually, for Christmas, I’d be performing at some of the major events around the island, Christmas dinners at private and government agencies etc. This year, because of covid-19, I’m unable to, which is sad, to say the least, but I understand that it is in my best interest and the nation’s best interest that we adhere to the guidelines and protocols put in place by the government to help beat the pandemic. This year I’ll be at home with my family, while I miss performing, I am grateful for the downtime and to actually be able to be around the people I love and enjoy the festivities. Christmas is for family, for sharing and caring and this is what I’ll be doing.

Samuel Medas

Howie Tee 

This Christmas 2020 will be different for me compared to others due to this pandemic.

This pandemic put a damper and cancellation on all events that would have taken place for the Christmas season – functions, dinners and Christmas parties, which normally would put me in that Christmas Spirit from March to present. 

The pandemic has had a damaging impact on the entertainment industry which brought on the loss of jobs for a lot of us in this field. Thank God for His mercy and that I have some savings and my radio job at More 104.7fm as a support to take care of everything, including Christmas.

One of my favorite childhood memories is going to spend Christmas time by my deceased grandmother down Mayaro. She used to have us singing hymns on the step while she baked up a storm. Another favorite Christmas memory is when I got my first bicycle, a blue chopper lol. I will never forget that.

Merry Christmas and a Brighter Prosperous 2021 to all.

Terri Lyons A Different Kind of Christmas for 2020

Well for me, it has always been my son and I. Most times I will go visit family the following day. What is different this time is that we had to cut down on certain things and sacrifice some things. I thank God I have a very understanding seven-year-old son.

This pandemic also shines light on the fact that there are and were many things that we can live without. This year, like we do most years, we will be calling families to still keep some sort of connection.

Khalifa St Forte -Track Athlete