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Sports Tourism in the Caribbean

Today’s definition of tourism has spread itself throughout the Caribbean in a manner which leads to entertainment through sports.

Trinidad Carnival on a Budget

The official countdown to the biggest event in Trinidad and Tobago is on - Carnival! Soon, visitors and locals will descend upon the streets of Port-of-Spain for “the greatest show on earth."

Ring in the New Year with Fireworks on the Waterfront

If you are in Jamaica, an excellent way to close out the old year and ring in the new year, is Fireworks on the Waterfront, a free annual event in downtown Kingston at Victoria...

COP25’s Long Free-fall and Collapse

COP25 is over, many have expressed disappointment with its results. Are governments prepared to raise climate ambition in 2020?

AOSIS: COP25 Lacks Ambition to Secure the Fate of Islands

AOSIS calls Ministerial meeting to address it's disappointment in COP25 as the climate negtiations come to a close. Small Island States have major concerns.
CFU Tournament

The Trini Fans are Sad About our Football

And so am I! After spending the majority of my life on the playing fields in almost every community savannah straight into the grand savannah and everywhere else, it hurts my heart to even...

Gender-Sensitive Climate Policies Needed in the Caribbean

It is a fact that the climate change burden is unevenly distributed, and so are the resources to ease the strain of climate change-induced losses and damages. Gender-sensitive climate policies are needed in the Caribbean.

Carbon Markets and the Small Island States

Madrid’s COP25 seem blind to the urgency of the climate crisis. Where is the urgency?

All we Want for Christmas is Decisive Climate Action

With the Rule Book for the Paris Agreement set, COP25 opens a new phase in climate negotiations for enacting the demands from the street and Science with more ambitious emission reductions. So, where is the urgency? 

Slashing your Grocery Bill with Urban Agriculture!

Food is essential to life and food security is undeniably a necessity for the development of any country. In the Mid-Year budget review, the Finance minister of Trinidad and Tobago reported that retail prices...

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