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trinidad, Trinidad

Coleman Air Conditioning Specialists is a key division of the Coleman Group, a leading producer of consumer appliances and provider of heating, ventilation and air conditioning solutions. Coleman has continued with the tradition of innovation upon which it was founded, and emerged as a leader in the HVAC industry. A strong drive for advancement has created a groundbreaking R&D department that has placed Coleman at the forefront of a competitive field. Through these independent efforts and joint cooperation with other global enterprises, Coleman has supplied thousands of innovative solutions to customers worldwide.
Coleman has come to be recognized and respected as a supplier and installer of packaged units such as DX split, Chill Water and VRF systems. Our business strategy is driven on achieving global trade linkages by accessing best rated suppliers to these markets. The company’s primary focus is to meet the needs of the modern marketplace constantly seeking better value through effective networking, negotiating, sourcing and distribution techniques.

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