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Phone: +1 (868) 792-3759

Jubilee Community Foundation

Jubilee Community Foundation is a Non-Governmental Organisation that supports community services to residents and staff by providing professional support, tutoring, training, counselling and mentoring.

We are committed to ensuring that persons cared for and who work within community services, are supported by ethical amenities that promote optimum development of children, adults and aging adults living in alternative care arrangements, residential homes or private care services. A person’s physical, emotional and mental health is very important to this organisation and the quality of care received. As such, JCF will partner with service users to provide needed services at reduced or no cost.  In addition, JFC hopes to maximise service to users by returning 5% of service fees to organisations to a special fund of choice, that advances the organisation’s drive to improved health and social services.

We are aware that some families seek alternative care placements for relatives due to health or social conditions, and the foundation wishes to support access to caring, which is sustained by well-trained emotionally balanced staff. The quality of care provided by our vetted service providers is maintained by quality assurance mechanisms, that reinforce the highest quality of care.

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