Now that the problems which have created headaches for the management of the TTFA appear to have been solved, the Normalization Committee of FIFA has taken its place in order to solve the problems of the TTFA.

Does it solve the problems? It is difficult to say, especially when the span of malpractices by Local management is much further than even the citizens of the organization can solve. My assumption is that problems which were highlighted because of huge financial issues must hold the attention of the Normalization Committee (NC) primarily, seeing that the people who have been long in awaiting their salaries and office monthly payments, should expect that they should be dealt with in the first place.

After some fifty years in the Football world, my anxiety to see a full search for the indebted financial mystery, which was built through mysterious forms of funds owing to many persons or/and companies for a long time could be difficult to solve. The causes which enlarged the several financial problems by way of levels of indebtedness were dubious accounting systems representing various Creditors.

Nevertheless, like every aspect of the repair procedure, one needs to restart the eroded project by building a new image of greater magnitude in order to ensure that the worse disaster will be ended permanently. A primary approach by qualified personnel into groups which should deal with the areas for attention one by one, in order to bring some level of honesty and dedicated commitment to which they are attached.


(1) A complete reorganization of club structure which must provide the competence of every aspect of adequate Clubs which are professionally addressed, if they are to be included in the new Look TTFA. There are six zones.

(a) These rules and regulations which have been the true distortions of clubs in recent times, have brought the Association in numerous undoing.

(b) There are regular and essential Association details that exist among the Board or/and management of the Zonal. FA. Unfortunately, the exchange program which should bring various matters to the head office should have been following meetings within the zonal clubs and presented to the Board.

(c) The registration namely the “constitution”, MUST be presented to the zonal committees for acceptance of rules and registration, following serious dialogue with all clubs who need to be part of the TTFA and immediately handed over to the secretariat of the Association. Each player must be made to pay an annual registration fee.

(d) All culbs must pay their affiliation, Referees, and Player Registration well in advance of the start of the season.

(e) For the purpose of attending an Annual Election General meeting, a zonal meeting to inspect the validity of having the right to a vote, after all the principles are completed.

These are just portions of the rebuilding process, in dealing with many integral aspects of club management. To be continued…

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Honorary Dr.Alvin Corneal HBM. Alvin is one of a handful of sportsmen who represented our national Football (Soccer) and Cricket teams concurrently between 1955 and 1971. He was also a member of the first-ever West Indies Football team which toured England in 1959. He played both sports professionally as a player and a coach to all levels of National Football teams. He had previously held positions as National football Coach of junior and senior teams, Technical Director of the TTFA, Technical Director of Concacaf, and the prestigious positions as FIFA Technical Committee Member and currently, a FIFA Technical Advisor. He is also a presenter/ analyst for Radio and television on all local, regional and International Sports. He is the recipient of a national Award from his country, Trinidad and Tobago for his outstanding service to the people of the region in Sport and ideal Character personality. He was also chosen to receive the Country’s Republic day award for the year 2011. He has been inducted into the Country’s Hall of Fame.