Keys to success

The definition of success varies for many people. One thing is for certain, almost everyone wants to achieve some level of success in his or her life, business, marriage and finances. However, for many, success is an elusive goal to achieve because there’s no hard and fast rule book to follow. Often we don’t know where to start, apply the incorrect steps, and give up because we don’t see the results as quickly as we’d like – failing to understand that success takes time. It’s also difficult to achieve because those who have made it, sometimes fail to share their success strategies, in fear of others achieving the same level of success or greater. That’s ridiculous.

In many communities, it’s customary to pull everyone up so the community as a whole can thrive. Unfortunately, we often ignore the pleas of young people and potential entrepreneurs asking for advice on how to achieve measurable success. As a result, our community flounders and fails to get to the next level because the keys to success are never shared. Why do we keep everything so tight to our chest and fail to share morsels of knowledge to ensure that we all have a seat at the table?

Here are a few keys to success that I feel we need to share.

Young people


Work and study hard. Always remember you aren’t competing with other young people from your community alone, but you are competing with young people from around the Caribbean and the world. Work twice as hard as others to place yourself in the best competitive advantage. Life won’t be easy, but you will appreciate the struggle in the end.


Get a business coach to guide you through the various stages of owning a business and overcoming obstacles. Read as many books as you can about business, take business and sales classes to expand your knowledge and remember visibility and integrity are important for a lasting company.

Those are a few of my keys to success. What keys to success will you share with the people in your life and community?

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Dr. Sanders, PHD is the owner of DIVERSE LEGACY, INCORPORATED, DBA Sanders & Associates and DIVERSE BUSINESS SOLUTIONS. She is a licensed Psychologist & Certified School Psychologist as well as a clinical psychologist. She has conducted many physio-therapeutic, psychological and pyschoeducational evaluations and treatments. In addition to psychotherapeutic services, she has provided behavioral interventions as well as crisis assessment and management with children and adolescents with severe emotional and behavioral disorders. She has also worked with teachers on the essential components of descriptive feedback and formative assessment and how to enhance student performances based on constructive feedback.