Today’s supporter of our national team would be anxiously awaiting the final result in that crucial game against Guyana to be played in Santo Domingo on March 25th. Under normal circumstances, the maximum of fans will stand firmly behind the guys, whoever they may be. However, a seven-to-one beating by the USA a few weeks ago in Orlando Florida, left a bitter taste. This has caused us all to review the type of preparation that was provided by their new Coach Terry Fenwick.

His own contribution to the manner in which that team was doing long training methods with some forty players, many of whom were unfamiliar to the football public. This unfamiliar preparatory has hardly ever been used by former coaches ALL of whom were demonstrating the desire to produce the best result.

Despite the Covid 19 Virus in our midst, the usual pattern is made of high profile national players and a few newcomers invited to show their worth. Honestly, I was not aware of the players chosen from those who had been leading in earning the Red/White/ and black. Clearly, the restriction by the Ministry of health was making an honest effort to have the players in good shape.


No one knew the process of finding opponents for friendly matches, although some “close to the current team” were whispering that all was well and the squad had beaten four local teams and scored 33 goals. Now that we knew everything except adequate preparation with the use of players whose quality game could not match their opponents, that U21 national squad.

From that time to now, the effort to market the beaten group of players and staff. We are a few days away from hopping a chartered flight to Dominic republic to show Guyana their motion on the field. Unfortunately, nothing should be scared of a national soccer warriors team to beat Guyana, knowing that victory for Guyana over Trinidad/Tobago is a rarity.

If one witnessed the game against the USA, their hopes can be shattered, but the comparison between USA and Guyana, the result can be different. I am informed that a recent friendly between The national squad and our Defence Force had a 1-0 victory for the Warriors prior to their departure. Many are already voting for dismissal for the coach if Guyana wins this game. I shall wait for the two-day match against Puerto Rico. Analysis about this eight-month unprofessional picture may be likely to winning the Lotto. We shall see.

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Honorary Dr.Alvin Corneal HBM. Alvin is one of a handful of sportsmen who represented our national Football (Soccer) and Cricket teams concurrently between 1955 and 1971. He was also a member of the first-ever West Indies Football team which toured England in 1959. He played both sports professionally as a player and a coach to all levels of National Football teams. He had previously held positions as National football Coach of junior and senior teams, Technical Director of the TTFA, Technical Director of Concacaf, and the prestigious positions as FIFA Technical Committee Member and currently, a FIFA Technical Advisor. He is also a presenter/ analyst for Radio and television on all local, regional and International Sports. He is the recipient of a national Award from his country, Trinidad and Tobago for his outstanding service to the people of the region in Sport and ideal Character personality. He was also chosen to receive the Country’s Republic day award for the year 2011. He has been inducted into the Country’s Hall of Fame.