Exploring a change in the CWI Presidency.

It is so timely that there is a suggestion that the leadership for the Presidency of the CWI has begun.
The Gallery

Step into The Gallery: Where Retail and Luxury Collide

The Gallery, luxury store offers travellers a modern shopping experience and a cozy, customer-friendly layout, brought to life by interior designer, Euzhan Horsham.

Trini elected to International Water Association (IWA) Strategic Council

Rianna Gonzales, is the first Caribbean National to be elected, not only to the Strategic Council of the International Water Association (IWA) but also to hold a position on the Emerging Water Leaders Steering...
feature image secret bay

Unearthing the Art of Forest Bathing in the Caribbean

So many persons in search of this inner healing travel to this Caribbean oasis to experience the true benefits of "forest bathing" without venturing to the far East in search of this blessing.
South Spa

South Spa: Skin Care by Annastasia

South Spa is more than a spa. Why? Beauty is more than a pretty face. It is the balance of caring for the body and mind with accentuation.

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