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The West Indies and sports have a deeply passionate, though sometimes torrid, bond that is in no danger of being broken anytime soon. Learn more about some of our athletes, the history of the games, and the integral role of sports in the lives of many.

Is hope on the horizon

Is Hope on the Horizon for the West Indies Cricket Team?

New Management for Windies Cricket The West Indies Cricket Team's new management is well on its way to implementing changes that should result in an improvement in the team's performance. Some of these transitions are...

Sports Tourism in the Caribbean

Today’s definition of tourism has spread itself throughout the Caribbean in a manner which leads to entertainment through sports.
Is CFU Dead

Is CONCACAF Dead, Mr. President

In my anxiety to observe the activities of the new management of the Trinidad and Tobago Football Association, I decided to pay close attention to certain comments emanating from President William Wallace.

The Trini Fans are Sad About our Football

And so am I! After spending the majority of my life on the playing fields in almost every community savannah straight into the grand savannah and everywhere else, it hurts my heart to even...

The Value of Fitness for Windies Players

The Importance of a Fit Team My good friend and former fellow cricket commentator, Joseph "Reds" Perreira, threw his mind back to the eighties. At that time Dennis Waithe was in charge of the West...
A Study of cricket teams

A Careful Study of the Test Cricket Teams is Needed

The CWI must now return to the drawing board where coaches, must come together to view ALL the videotapes of our own team and more importantly, our opponents.

Our Caribbean Football Standard Must Improve

Today, while FIFA has taken a direct initiative to improve the quality of play in countries, the job is placed within the hands of experienced local coaches.
Is CWI Ready To Improve Cricket in the Region?

Is CWI Ready To Improve Cricket in the Region?

The time is ripe for a complete reorganization of the development of our Cricket which can lead to the great days of old.
caribbean foorball

The New Look of Caribbean Football

To support one’s country’s national sporting teams is a question of patriotism and love for country. Naturally, a patriot should love and want to be a part of the development of our people. Having watched...

New World Cup Qualifying Format For CONCACAF

The recent announcement regarding Concacaf's qualifying format change suddenly appeared in the media without any information, of a process or dialogue coming from the member associations.

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