Numerous West Indies players...

During the period which I was hoping to study carefully the quality of players, it seems to be that selection of three squads to represent T20, ODI, and Test Matches against South Africa, Australia and Pakistan will be far too much for a job that difficult.

Maybe I have to refresh the good old days to even think of choosing West indies teams of different levels and quality of performers. A computer listing of over 120 players could appear to be exciting for the number of players, affording each one to hope for selection of 54 available spaces in six test matches, fifteen T20 fixtures and three ODI matches.

I am not convinced that this current bunch of top-class West Indian Cricketers are similar producers of many in number. This means that many of the top boys should be retained in every format. No wonder are we hearing from the supporters in the Caribbean regarding the inclusion or omission of players, especially of the young talented, but immature ones.

Numerous West Indies players...

This invites the selection of absolute veterans some of whom are not the quality which they once demonstrated. Others suffer from injuries regularly to the point which they are unable to offer their once competent success. To offer choices of the selection committee by the public can only produce unnecessary frivolous arguments and sometimes lead to the criticism of the selectors.

The area of observation is to improve the quality of the young talented players through the use of professional coaches, many of which there are available within the Caribbean. Some are already employed, but there are others in the various countries who can devote direct interest in educating those who need correction within the level of their skills whether batting, bowling, fielding and even fitness level.

It is my hope that our chosen players may have made serious efforts to improve on the technical or tactical errors which seem so obvious when they take the field. Bear in mind that the west indies need to show that their superpowers in previous years, have been lost and this must be the major recovery to regain the region’s reputation of being the best Cricket in the world.

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Honorary Dr.Alvin Corneal HBM. Alvin is one of a handful of sportsmen who represented our national Football (Soccer) and Cricket teams concurrently between 1955 and 1971. He was also a member of the first-ever West Indies Football team which toured England in 1959. He played both sports professionally as a player and a coach to all levels of National Football teams. He had previously held positions as National football Coach of junior and senior teams, Technical Director of the TTFA, Technical Director of Concacaf, and the prestigious positions as FIFA Technical Committee Member and currently, a FIFA Technical Advisor. He is also a presenter/ analyst for Radio and television on all local, regional and International Sports. He is the recipient of a national Award from his country, Trinidad and Tobago for his outstanding service to the people of the region in Sport and ideal Character personality. He was also chosen to receive the Country’s Republic day award for the year 2011. He has been inducted into the Country’s Hall of Fame.