Writer Profiles

Laura Dowrich-Phillips

Laura Dowrich-Phillips is the Regional Lifestyle Editor for Loop, the Caribbean’s largest digital media house. She has 20 years’ experience working in media in Trinidad and Tobago.



Omarine Nanan

Omarine Nanan is a past student of Cowen Hamilton Secondary School and St Stephen’s College. She is also a Graduate of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and a Diplomate. She is completing a law degree from the University of London and is currently employed with the Guardian Media Limited.

Therese Cecile Chung -Waldropt

Therese Cecile Chung -Waldropt is an Internationally qualified professional from the George Washington University. She is both a poet and writer with work approved by the Ministry of Education Curriculum Division. With a 4.0 Honors Report in English from Santa Ana College California U.S.A. in 2000, Therese challenges herself to excel in all life has to offer.

Michelle Springer

Michelle Springer is a researcher and writer. She has a special interest in Caribbean cultural forms, feminism and the creative arts. Michelle was born in Barbados but is a child of wind, water, music, and dance, which means she finds home in the most unlikely places.


Wesley Gibbings

Wesley Gibbings is a print and broadcast journalist and media trainer and contributes to several news outfits in the Caribbean and overseas. He has authored numerous papers on the media and journalism and is an international campaigner for press freedom.


Michael Tikasingh

Michael Tikasingh has been into electronics for over 40 years, has worked in radio, television, and newsprint, but found that psychology is the best tool for extracting the story behind what was actually done to defenseless bits of technology.


Shaun Riaz Mohammed

Shaun Riaz Mohammed is a self-taught comics illustrator from Trinidad and Tobago. Since 2004 he has been the artist on the Heart of a Hero and Heroes of a Nation comic book titles published by The Heroes Foundation, a youth-oriented non-profit organisation.


Shiva Gosine

Shiva Gosine is a man of multiple trades: one part writer, another part computer technician. When he isn’t inside a PC or behind the screen he enjoys reading, tinkering with software, exercise and is budding aquarist with a passion for aquascapes.


Anu Lakhan

Anu Lakhan has been writing about food for nearly 20 years. She knows where the food went but not the years. She edited the Macmillan Caribbean series of guidebooks Caribbean Street Food and wrote the Trinidad and Tobago book in the series.

Jon Otway

Jon Otway has a growing reputation as a portrait photographer. He is also a drummer and a part of the underground rock and folk music scene in Trinidad and Tobago.

Erline Andrews

Erline Andrews is a features writer based in Trinidad and Tobago.