Tips to Get and Keep a Caribbean Man

Romance is always a complicated and touchy subject, but everyone needs a little relationship advice at times. In this article, I won’t be a love guru but after a simple conversation with a few girlfriends, we reveal five tips to get that man and obviously keep him.


This is obviously at the top of everyone’s list. A good relationship needs a high level of intimacy. Make your love life interesting and fun while paying attention to his unique sexual needs. There is no precise number to how often ‘normal’ couples have sex. Just be mindful once a couple stops having sex normally, they may be at risk to detachment, infidelity and probably divorce. So, get the love of your life and keep him going by answering nature’s call- sex is very natural.


The common saying that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach is possibly true. A man will love and appreciate a woman who can cook and provide him with square meals daily. A bonus is probably if you can make his childhood favourite or his mother’s special dish. But women shouldn’t be overworked in the kitchen but rather ensure cooking and meal preparation is a fun time for both parties in the relationship. Let those meals continue to spur the love of family dinners or luncheons for a healthy relationship.

Tips to Get and Keep a Caribbean Man


Let’s dispelled the myth that men don’t like to communicate. They just don’t often give full details, but they mean what they often say. Women need to be good listeners then act. Getting straight to the point works for them so comprise now and then and do it his way. Leave the emotional mushy talk for the girl’s retreat but when it’s his time pay attention closely to what he says, what he wants, and you will in most case see eye to eye on issues.

Good Hygiene

Good Hygiene is definitely an important element if you want to stay on top of your partner. Clean hair and nails, a good shower and a good breath are some of the basic things that women should have covered if your partner is going to be impressed by you. Love me when I am dirty and not when I am clean is not a mantra at the top of any man’s heart. If you want to keep the competition away ensure that you literally smell and look the part of a woman ready to take control of her relationship.

Tips to Get and Keep a Caribbean Man


A relationship should be based on commonalities. Doing things together that each other like is another good way to get him and keep him interested in you. Not all man-interest and hobbies work for ladies but sacrifice a few hours and do the stuff that keeps his interest such as watching sports, gadgets, showing interest in his car, listening to his favourite music, etc and that will go a long way in developing a strong relationship. By paying interest in his hobbies, he maybe willing to reciprocate the favour and understand the needs and activities of a woman also.

Remember the attitude you take into the relationship will help decide if he stays or leaves. Don’t just be a chaser but also be a keeper. So have an open mind and be willing to grow with the relationship. Try to incorporate a tip or two from this article along the way and we look forward to hearing wonderful love stories and lasting memories of how you got your man and kept him close to you.