The Decision regarding salaries...s

Of course, this financial decision has caused a variety of persons to be either very good and others dissatisfied.

The CWI selectors and the management decided to utilize the sudden changes pertaining to the abandoning of the IPL, the possible discard which South Africa cancelled its tour to the West indies, and maybe some other adjustments down the road. While I understand the distortions which the Covid 19 pandemic and the possibility of confusion regarding sports in all the Caribbean countries and possibly all across the world.

I commend the manner in which the various governments in the region approached, utilizing adjustments of the major business sector and asking the employers to consider reducing the staff in their company for health reasons. Nevertheless, only two weeks ago, a series of Social media commentators had taken drastic major issues as to the financial salaries of the players in three categories Test Cricket, ODI, and T20 formulas.

The Decision regarding salaries...

The immediate attention was documented heavily by Cricket lovers from the various islands within the Caribbean and even some who reside in the larger countries. The criticism was harsh in many directions because of the choice of players and the salaries which they will or will not receive. Few of these critics have sought my opinion with regard to which players got selected and paid or vice versa.

Maybe the people of the Caribbean do not understand that over eight major countries plus a few more, are available for selection, especially when they have performed well and plying their trade in various competitions across the world. I wonder if they have given thought to the duties of a panel of selectors who have been given the job to make selections by way of seeing them during tournaments in order to make selective choices.

Please remember that these dedicated coaches are unable to travel to each country in order to pay close attention to players for obvious reasons. Their judgment is based upon match days in different countries and on varying types of tournaments. The task is probably one which would never be satisfactory, especially when many of these players are hero-worshipped by their fans who are from the same countries.

The Decision regarding salaries...

The fans are not making their judgment on the success of the players, but on the impressive performances which they may demonstrate once in a while. Various differences have brought some awkward comments with reference to countries which played as the west indies many years ago, should now be separated.

Actually, there were regional competitions which produced all the great Cricketers of the world, and the best of these would represent the west indies. The same is the case here. The difference is that the ability to have coaches employed in each country improving the technical ability of the youngsters. These are the improving factors which the talented players of five and six years, are still talented, but not improved in the results of their ability.

In a nutshell, the answer to employ coaches across the region where every young group will be educated theoretically and practically during their talented period. The CWI may well be thinking of a move of that nature and the answers to the fans may not be needed in due course.

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