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Explore engaging commentary, fresh insights, varied perspectives, and much more in our featured articles. Each writer represents a unique view of our region and together their voices illuminate our people’s creativity and intellect.

Trinidad’s 2021 Budget

Looking Ahead, Trinidad’s 2021 Budget

  Every year, the lead up to Trinidad and Tobago’s budget presentation is always rife with speculation. No other moment in the year impacts everyone’s very quality of life and livelihoods itself as much after...
New Economy for A New Normal

New Economy for A New Normal

Everyone’s talking about the ‘new normal.' Social distancing, wearing masks and judicious appreciation of basic hygiene are now expected or even mandated based on your locale. This thanks to the ravages of COVID-19 and...
Love is not always kind!

Love is not always kind! PART 1

It began with the usual expletive-laden greeting and vulgar name-calling, certainly not words of previously expressed, undying love. They felt like a physical blow. Someone stuck a serrated knife into my gut and started...
Fostering Black Unity

Beyond the Hashtag: Fostering Black Unity as a Caribbean Response

In the light of systemic racism, oppression, and injustice, the disheartening events of 2020 have propelled powerful, transformative and even destructive responses by the global community. Our social media platforms and news stations have...
CFU Tournament

How About A CFU Football Tournament

Those of us who are aware of the complexities which are prevalent in the TTFA boardroom are probably aware of the absence of a solution that was designed by the FIFA normalization Committee. The...

Caribbean Immune Boosting Foods

Have you ever thought about what your grandparents ate that made them strong as a lion or solid for years to come? On your Sunday lunch plate or any day of the week rests...

The Strength Of The West Indies Team To England

Cricket in the Time of Covid-19 The decision made by both England and the West Indies to play a three-test series in the month of July was a tough one. Of course, cricket lovers over...

The Caribbean in a Post-Coronavirus World

In the past, many of our pieces looked ahead towards the future as we urged preparation, policy change and a regional drive to take the initiative. Back then, the ‘time of urgency’ or ‘major...
How to Get and Keep that Caribbean Woman

How to Get and Keep that Caribbean Woman

So after the last article on “5 Ways to Get and Keep a Caribbean Man”, there was a lot a buzz about the perspective of the Caribbean women. So here is a follow up...

Education As A Regional Northstar Part 2

In our last piece, we delved into the potential to develop human capital through educational reform. By assessing the success stories of economically diverse, advanced and successful nations, we saw how simple initiatives to...

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