Saint Lucia is known as the Caribbean jewel. Boasting the perfect marriage of natural beauty and biodiversity, it’s famously known as a honeymoon and romantic destination. However, there are some unique things about the island you didn’t know.

 St. Lucia was named after a woman

St. Lucia aerial view

Saint Lucia is the only sovereign state/country in the world named after a woman. That woman being Saint Lucy of Syracuse, a Christian martyr who was killed during the Diocletianic Persecution of 304 AD, and whose feast day is celebrated on December 13. The island was given its name by French sailors who were stranded on the island on December 13th, the saint’s feast day. The island was first named “Iouanalao” (Awarak) and “Hewanorra”(Carib) the Amerindian settlers, which meant “Land of the Iguanas” due to the high population of iguanas on the island.

La Soufriere Drive-In Volcano and Sulfur Springs

Sulphur mud spring

St. Lucia houses the world’s only drive-in volcano and Sulphur Springs. The dormant La Soufrière volcano (also known as La Grande Soufrière or Qualibou) is also home to Sulphur Springs Park, the most active geothermal area in the Lesser Antilles. In addition to having no reported eruptions in the volcano for over 200 years, the Sulphur Springs is well known as one of the main sightseeing attractions of St Lucia. A tour takes you right up to the volcano’s bubbling mud and sulfur, which are reputed to have healing effects. Tourists and locals alike, bathe in natural hot springs to enjoy the many health benefits of the mineral-rich volcanic mud.

 Bike the Jungles

friends ride mountain bike

Add jungle biking to the list of things to do, when next you visit St Lucia. Whether you are a novice or experienced rider, Jungle Biking is an exciting and enjoyable adventure experience! The lush interior of the island is practically made for mountain biking, with sprawling trails that are perfect for either beginners or advanced bikers. Explore the 18th-century ruins of one of the island’s earliest French Colonial plantations, bike among the thousands of fruit trees and tropical vegetation. It’s a unique adventure waiting to happen.

Chocolate Beer

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Have you ever had Chocolate Beer? Well, now you can relax and enjoy, a beastly cold chocolate beer in St. Lucia. An unusual and interesting combination of beer called ‘Nick Troubetzkoy’s Imperial Chocolate Stout’ beer was produced by the island’s own Antillia Brewing Company. It’s made using fresh-roasted organic cocoa nibs from Jade Mountain and Anse Chastanet resorts’ estates, located on the south-western Caribbean coastline and home to more than 2000 cocoa trees. The chocolate beer is supposed to hint at the glitter of the former Russian empire while incorporating the tropical allure of a Caribbean taste.

 Dive a Shipwreck


St Lucia is well known in the scuba diving industry for its natural coral reefs, and sponge covered reef walls. Because Saint Lucia was formed by a volcano, its underwater banks provide an unusual landscape that offers a mix of beginner and expert scuba excursions. The Lesleen M Wreck in St. Lucia is an artificial reef and a wonderful dive site that will leave you wanting more of the scuba experiences St. Lucia has to offer. The Lesleen M Wreck is an old cargo ship that was sunk in the Anse Cochon bay in 1986. The resulting artificial reef is home to numerous species of coral and aquatic life.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a nature lover, adventure seeker or history buff, St. Lucia has something for everyone. Definitely add this exquisite island destination to your 2019 travel bucket list.