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Phone: 1-868-722-2900
Chaguanas, Trinidad and Tobago, Trinidad

A Caption is an explanation or inscription, which is communicated for the effects of deeper understanding along with establishing a particular position. Caption Consulting and Coaching was established with the mission of Actualizing Clarity for individuals, teams and organizations.

Actualizing Clarity is values-based; it entails discovery, being intentional, finding solutions, taking action, being consistent, maintaining focus and ensuring purpose-driven pursuits. It is dynamic and results in fulfillment and balance!

We have meaningful conversations with individuals and teams in alignment with the organization’s strategic intent. In this regard the mission, vision and core values explored become the notable components to unite the workforce. These components are sometimes recorded but it is not activated and practiced. Over time an individual, a team or even the wider organization could experience a degree of dissonance when operations are not aligned to these important components.

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