Fry Bake and Lime

Review by Cherisse Moe

If you’re an avid fan of Jadee and Nisa’s Fry Bake and Lime Facebook podcast but you missed their July 23rd’s in-person event, you’d wanna keep reading. 

The social media influencers pulled off a successful and enjoyable one-of-its-kind podcast show bringing their virtual vibes to the Little Carib Theater stage. 

Fry Bake and LimeFry Bake and Lime is an interactive online forum where the hosts discuss a smorgasbord of topics ranging from love and relationships to music and everyday life, via Jadee’s Vlog, which currently boasts 64 thousand followers. The couple, whose real names are Jadee Sellier and Genisa St.Hillaire, started their popular podcast in Nisa’s “modest kitchen” during the Covid-19 pandemic. She had just learnt to make fried bake and “Jadee, being no stranger or recluse to the camera, was eager to connect with our followers and have them be a part of the process,” Nisa said of the show which airs on Saturday nights. “The conversation around the bake became feverishly interesting quite quickly,” Jadee added. “Since that day till now, we have been blessed to be able to create a podcast that centers around the dramatic reality and bacchanal in some relationships.”

The highly-anticipated event was hosted by radio personality Ken Simmons and attracted hundreds of supporters who flocked to the Woodbrook venue eager to take in the excitement up close and personal. Just like on their Facebook podcast, there were heated discussions – and let’s just say nothing was off limits. Jadee joked that there were two many women in the audience as he didn’t have enough backup when the issue of dating was discussed and fans quickly took Nisa’s side. The duo also played their popular game ‘In the Classroom’ which has become a staple on their podcast. 

But it was not all fun and games. 

The engaged couple, who are both entertainers and known for their ‘keeping it real’ personalities, touched on some serious topics too. Jadee revealed that it was Nisa’s battle with depression and anxiety which was the impetus behind his tune ‘Ledge’, telling the audience that she was in “a really bad place” at the time. “I’ve never seen her in such a low place,” he said, while adding that he was happy “she’s no longer in that space and is doing much better.” Nisa performed tracks from her repertoire too. They included,Happy Inah Real Lyfe’ and the crowd favourite, ‘Make me Over’, which she said she penned “when I was the most broken.” Nisa ended on an emotional note, belting out Beyonce’s ‘Love on Top’, which she dedicated to Jadee. “I have been married twice and divorced twice. I never thought I’d find love again. But I did,” she said, as fans applauded. 

Performances also came from jazz vocalist Vaughnette Bigford and calypso queen Terri Lyons, who both understood their assignments, as they had the crowd on their feet, dancing, waving and singing along. During the event, patrons had the opportunity to purchase an assortment of wines and two lucky fashion-forward fans walked away with prizes for Best Dressed Male and Female. 

Ending later than scheduled (which fans didn’t seem to mind), Fry Bake and Lime lived up to the hype. And fans will be happy to know that it will now become an annual event. “We’re not stopping here,” the couple divulged. “I had an amazing time. I learned so many lessons. I remain vulnerable and humbled to the power of the stage, and truth is, I can’t wait for the second installment,” Nisa concluded.