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The Caribbean Insight Magazine was present at the 4th installation of this year’s prestigious New Fire Festival. The event took place at the Ortinola Estate, St. Joseph, the first capital of Trinidad, on Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th.

My oh my, was the weather hot, hot hot! The organizers of this event were aptly prepared. A Hydra Station, which provided a continuous supply of pure filtered water at no cost was set up for patrons.

New Fire Festival 2019

The most striking aspect was the vast layout of the site. There was room for over 100 campers, individual artisans, as well as food (exotic as well as the usual spicy Trini affair), a large entertainment stage and yes, ample parking for all.

NEW FIRE has always provided a varied mix of musical talent. This year was no different. Entertained included some unusual, new talent, including a ‘folk’ singer from Guyana who transformed into a watermelon chips salesman after his performance!!

The highlight of the night for the Caribbean Insight Team was definitely the UTT Ensemble which featured a talented young guitarist as well as a skillful female pannist. You can definitely expect to hear more about this group. Saturday night was crowned with one of the Kings of Calypso, David Michael Rudder. Fans reported a night that left some hoarse singing along with the star.

New Fire Festival 2019

There were a lot of workshops that mandated varied levels of participation, such as Salsa Lessons, to a highly attended Capoeira performance. (An African/Brazilian Martial Art).

NEW FIRE caters for the environmentally friendly. This meant only reusable food containers, no single use plastics and an efficient clean-up crew continuously at work sought to make sure that the event remain as green as possible.

The warmth and friendly smiles seen throughout the festival epitomized the truly wonderful time visitors, workers and campers experienced. The campers truly enjoyed this weekend out in the open, part of a naturally serene and picturesque environment.

Having attended the past NEW FIRE festivals, the 2019 installment on was truly a quantum leap.

Our recommendation, make Ortinola Estate the home of NEW FIRE.

Congratulations to Kevon Foderingham and the rest of the team. The Caribbean Insight Magazine will do our best to partner with you by spreading the message on the International stage.