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Paradise is not so much of a far-fetched idea when you’ve set your eyes on the most beautiful beach. There are some that are perfect for the family, a great vacation getaway or simply a serene escape. You can find all versions of this in the Caribbean. Check out some our favourite beaches in the Caribbean that both locals and tourists alike love to enjoy.

Marigot Bay, St. Lucia

Marigot Bay

Finding a secluded spot at this resting point on your next trip to St. Lucia may be difficult due to the scores of beachgoers that frequent this beach, but when you do, boy is it picturesque. The calm blue waters only surge when boats and catamarans float ashore and anchor alongside shady palm trees. Marigot Bay has been home to many a delighted beach bum and even a couple of Hollywood films.

Grand Anse Beach, Grenada

grand anse beach, grenada

Perfect for the early morning stroll, the midday sun worshippers or the evening jog, this beach has a spot for everyone. Wade into the crystal, blue, waters, calm and serene or venture further out from the shore. You can try snorkelling alongside the beautiful marine life that lives just off the shores of Grand Anse. In some cases, some curious critters, like crabs and starfish, may find themselves sunbathing in the delightful breezy sun with you. It’s a definite family destination that tourists and locals alike love to frequent.

Crane Beach, Barbados

crane beach, barbados

Set against a magnificent cliffside view, lies a beautiful serene beach that boasts of pink sand, formed from pink coral and lush blue waves strong enough for boogie boarding, yet calm enough to lounge in. Rent a few lounge chairs from the magnificent beach resort nearby and doze off in the pleasant midday sun. Who knows, you may witness a few local baby turtles wading their way to the sea if the time of year is right. All in all, it’s a slice of paradise you definitely have to try!

7 Mile Beach, Jamaica

7 mile beach, jamaica

A beach that’s worth the experience is definitely, 7 Mile Beach in Negril Jamaica. From its calming, crystal blue waters to its soft white sand that goes on for it seems, miles and miles, this is the stop for every tourist that visits the island and every native beach lover on their vacation. Moreover, this beach is packed with so many options for the entire family, i.e, a multitude of water sports and live entertainment. And get this! You can even travel along the beach on horseback if you like! What more can you ask for on your next trip to Paradise?

Pigs Beach, Bahamas

pigs beach, bahamas

Perhaps the most unique experience you can have on your next trip to the Caribbean is swimming with pigs. Yup, swimming with pigs. If you love pigs, pork bacon, however, you choose to see it, this is definitely a must dip visit for you. The pigs that live off the coast of the Bahamas on the Exuma Cays on Pig Island are friendly, swimming pigs whose only requests are to be fed and treated kindly. They enjoy the same crystal clear blue waters and powdery white sand as visitors of the island do.

Grand Case Beach, St. Maarten

grand case, st.maarten

Laying the picturesque scenery of a multitude of gourmet French Caribbean restaurants lays the enchanting beach of Grand Case in St. Maarten. The quiet calm of this little fishing village is perfect for anyone to escape to. If you’re not there for the food or the gentle brush of the waves, definitely stay for the enchanting sunset that graces the village every evening, making this beach a perfect romantic getaway.

Englishman’s Bay Tobago

englishman's bay, tobago

Beach lovers who frequent the shores of Tobago may be puzzled at this choice. Englishman’s Bay admittedly does not attract scores of beachgoers when tourists visit the island. Instead, it can be considered one of Tobago’s best-kept secrets. A quiet little gem sitting neatly on the island’s coast, this beach boasts of serenity and ease, a simple beauty that those who have discovered it have come to enjoy. This and the friendly, unobtrusive local vendors that stop by makes this beach a “must dip” beach in the region.

Maracas Beach Trinidad

Bake and Shark, maracas, trinidad

This is the perfect resting place for the travelling foodie.  Even on the way to this beautiful tourist destination, there lies a pit stop with local snacks and street foods. With vibrant, yet soothing waves that mirror the energy of the island of Trinidad and Tobago, the frequent lunch menu of choice is usually own unique street food; bake and shark. Maracas beach is a unique experience of its own, making a “must dip” beach in the region.

Batibou Bay, Dominica


Batibou Bay-Find a shady spot under a coconut tree or sit with friends and family on the wooden tables and seats along this beach when visiting. As the warm sea water kisses your feet and the smooth sand seeps between your toes, you’ll begin to bask in the quiet warm breeze that envelopes this isolated, litter-free spot. A stone throw away from pristine villas like Secret Bay, Batibou Bay is the very definition of serenity, immersing all tourists and locals alike into the nature island.

Mullet Bay Beach, St. Martin

mullet bay beach, st. martin

A definite favourite amongst locals and tourist alike the crystalline waters of Mullet Bay can be surf ready when ships come in to dock and as still as the cool sea breeze on the other hand. Lined with palm trees and sea grapes, this beach can be a quiet relaxing escape. We highly recommend you take a stroll on the soft sands and lounge on beach chairs in the warming heat of the sun.