Youth Time


The Founder of the Youth Time International Movement, Julia Kinash, explained that almost 10 years ago she participated in the Rhodes Global Forum as a group of young people from different countries and while there the forum was mostly for adults. The youths only had a small part of the engagement. During this event, she realized that she enjoyed the topics that people discussing but it lacked sufficient youth participation. As young people, although we enjoyed listening we also liked to share opinions about processes happening in the world. So that became the idea behind Youth Time International Movement as an internationally oriented non-profit, non-political organization which actively represents a platform of dialogue between cultures and generations with young people around the globe.

The Vision

In 2010, we organized our first event the Rhodes Youth Forum which was extremely successful. It showed that a lot of young people really cared about what was happening in the world and it became our mandate to ensure that we inspire and engage young people from all over the world by encouraging them to develop their social leadership skills and take up their civil responsibility.

Youth Time International Movement became an established organization in December 2010 to work day by day to provide opportunities to take part in various projects, to build strong relations with other young social leaders. The organizational mission is to empower, engage, and inspire young, talented leaders from around the world to suggest constructive social change.

The Goal

Our main goals are to stimulate an active intercultural dialogue between generations based on the principles of openness, respect, and equality; to facilitate the acquisition of knowledge, values, and experiences through intergenerational exchanges; to understand and discuss the global challenges facing today’s youth. We work on drafting, implementing, and synchronizing projects that aim for a better future in different spheres, primarily by establishing an active dialogue between and within generations, and by motivating the youth to be more active in their own lives and in public life.

Youth Time International Movement

One of the major projects of the organization is the Global Youth Forum. Over the past four forums, the organization continued to explore riveting topics that affect the daily lives of people and encourage project ideas from young people to bring solutions to some of the world problems. See link here.

With this year being the 5th Forum, the theme “At a Crossroad: Industry 5.0 Vs. inclusive Development: Where is the future?” Ms. Kinash highlighted that, “it speaks to young people being the next generation who will deal with technology and the new industrial revolution, who also care about making it all-inclusive for everyone despite region, cultural background, profession. The young people have already started and will continue to face the problems associated with Industry 5.0 and technological changes so why not let us talk about it and put more focus on it.”

Youth Time International Movement

Ms. Kinash also gave advice to young people who want to start their own NGOs and movements that will transform the globe. She unequivocally stated that you must have passion.

“Just continue your work with a sound and passionate mind You can have an amazing profession or a huge bank of skills, knowledge or money but if you are not passionate to the persons that you are helping you cannot be truly successful.”

For the big 10th Anniversary, Ms. Kinash highlighted that they have a lot of small and big projects to unleash throughout the year, including an award. So let’s wait and see how the Youth Time International Movement continues to impact people around the globe.