2020 Groovy Soca Monarch Champion

From unprecedented events, a global pandemic and the subsequent “new normal”, 2020 has been a year that some Caribbean folks would deem as being filled with “bad vibes” or rather “bad energy.” However, amongst all the chaos and confusion, it is important to highlight that waves of GOOD ENERGY are still being produced within the Caribbean region.

One such wave is the reigning International Groovy Soca Monarch Winner, Jesse Stewart more popularly known as College Boy Jesse. A 32-year-old Trinbagonian singer and songwriter that dominated the 2020 International Groovy Soca Monarch stage upon his very first entry into the competition.

With a passion for music, bringing good energy and happy songs, this can be traced back to his impressive track record in primary and secondary school of having continuous winning streaks in calypso competitions.

Reflecting on his recent ground-breaking achievement, College Boy Jesse told Caribbean Insight that his success is all due to his faith in God, years of hard work, preparation and a very strong and dedicated team behind the scenes.

However, several weeks after capturing the Groovy Soca Monarch crown, College Boy Jesse amongst other creative and performing artistes experienced the unanticipated cancellation of many live events. College Boy Jesse indicated that this led to a loss of a year’s worth of performing experience and a significant loss of income.

Despite these constraints presented by the global pandemic, College Boy Jesse used this time to foster good energy by bonding with family, learning new skills, and developing his craft. The pandemic also provided time for him to reflect and sharpen up on his weakness.

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As he wished to continue sharing positive messages, College Boy Jesse indicated, “throughout all that the world has experienced thus far in 2020, now is the time for us to change our perspective and focus on the GOOD ENERGY that we can share.”

College Boy Jesse views good energy as “the resetting or turning of a new page. From negative to positive. It represents the new 2020 vision and onward and not the vision we may have been experiencing for the past few months.”

Recognizing that the world needs good energy now more than ever, College Boy Jesse has always strived to create music that enlightens and uplifts moods. As a result, Jesse and his team have a new project underway, a new single entitled “Good Energy” that is expected to be released in September. This he highlighted is the first project since his victory during the Carnival Season.

Worthy of mentioning, “Good Energy” was written by the music champion himself and co-written by the genius behind some of the industry’s greatest success, Shawn “Spine” Stewart. It was also produced by the 2020 Road March & Power Soca Monarch producer, Kyle Phillips of Badjohn Republic. “Good Energy” is therefore their gift to the world considering that the season has been a blessing to him and his team.

It is evident that the experiences of our Caribbean people during this global pandemic may vary from household to household. However, as Jesse rightfully indicated “for positive change to take place, sometimes we have to experience unexpected or unnecessary chaos.” In the meantime, we can focus on sharing GOOD ENERGY because “after the storm, there is the rainbow.”