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Our region is in the spotlight but it is important to contextualise and compare us to the rest of the world for a greater appreciation of our worth and potential. Discover the international perspective for a broader outlook.

A 2023 Caribbean Wishlist (Where to go, What to do)

When planning a vacation, we often anticipate the luxuries and treats that come along with it — like room service and swim-up bars. While these are great perks to have while away, they're not...
Fostering Black Unity

Beyond the Hashtag: Fostering Black Unity as a Caribbean Response

In the light of systemic racism, oppression, and injustice, the disheartening events of 2020 have propelled powerful, transformative and even destructive responses by the global community. Our social media platforms and news stations have...

Ring in the New Year with Fireworks on the Waterfront

If you are in Jamaica, an excellent way to close out the old year and ring in the new year, is Fireworks on the Waterfront, a free annual event in downtown Kingston at Victoria...

Christmas in Jamaica, Beaches Ocho Rios Style

Christmas in the Land of Wood and Water You have decided to escape your harsh winter environment for the Christmas season, or perhaps you just need some downtime. Your bags packed and you are headed...

CARIFESTA: An Explosion of Caribbean Culture

  My Instagram feed during CARIFESTA was alive with colour! It was beautiful. I was thrilled to see my friends sharing images and videos showcasing various food, theatre, and artistic expressions from across the Caribbean...
new fire festival 2019

A NEW FIRE musical experience

The New Fire Festival successfully showcased various local artistes and offered an outlet for greater appreciation of our local music and culture.
IDB launches summit...

NEW FIRE Festival 2019

The warmth and friendly smiles seen throughout the festival epitomized the truly wonderful time visitors, workers and campers experienced. The campers truly enjoyed this weekend out in the open, part of a naturally serene and picturesque environment.
education and relationships

Education and The Modern-Day Relationship

While this was not meant to be an in-depth study, it does go to show that oftentimes you can learn a lot about relationships among your own circle of friends and during those treasured lunchtime conversations. How do you think education impacts your choices in relationships?
Digital Privacy

Your Privacy In The Digital Era

Are you a user of social media? Odds are that 1 in every 5 people reading this has a Facebook profile and is an active user of that social network. We need to talk about your rights, particularly your privacy rights in cyberspace. In today’s world after all, what happens online also carries ramifications for lives and events offline as well.

5 Things You Didn’t Know About St. Lucia

Saint Lucia is known as the Caribbean jewel. Boasting natural beauty, however, there are some unique things about the island you didn’t know...

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