How to Get and Keep that Caribbean Woman

So after the last article on “5 Ways to Get and Keep a Caribbean Man”, there was a lot a buzz about the perspective of the Caribbean women. So here is a follow up based on the female side of the coin. Again, this article is not meant to challenge expectations, debunk stereotypes or reinforce the lopsided nature of relationships bent on patriarchy or toxic masculinity. But, it’s merely to strike a conversation about patterns that we may or may not have experienced at one point or another during our dating experience with that girl (or man) of our life. So after conversations with both male and female, here are some recommendations of what a girl may predominantly want in a relationship.

How to Get and Keep that Caribbean Woman

True communication

Many women are looking for the real deal and true romance. One crucial factor in achieving this is constant communication and understanding of both partners’. Women love a man who can hold a conversation and embrace her feelings. So have thorough and engaging conversations with your partner and figure out life together through sharing experiences, dialogue, problem-solving and the few exchanges of witty words from time to time that would stimulate an exciting conversation in a relationship.

Financial security

If a man is going to be stable and provide for his female partner that’s an excellent start. As much as many independent ladies feel proud raising their hands up, they are also proud and comfortable knowing that there is a man who can provide a sense of stability and security in the house. So man play your part right and be that rock and strength that a woman wants.


Women are just and human as men and part of the human experience based on nature is good quality sex. So yes, a woman wants to be fulfilled and get that experience, equally or even more than men. Having a good romantic life is a healthy way to keep the relationship alive and it can be based on the preference and demands of the women. In a quirky way, some male friends also admitted they like a “boss lady” in bed that can take control of their sex life.

How to Get and Keep that Caribbean Woman


If your partner can fight for you, physically or otherwise that’s a good choice. Knowing that you have a partner in your corner against all odds is a credible reason to keep your eye on that lucky one. Women can be truly committed and devoted to that guy and when as a man a good degree of protection is provided so they feel safe and secure.

Loving and charming personality

While trophy wives is a popular statement. Likewise, women like to ensure that their man has a funny and charming personality who they can introduce to family, friends and associates. Yes, sometimes women like to show off their prize and hope that he gets a passing grade, just as much as men do. So when choosing that man, ensuring that he truly gets you and can fit into your context.

I must admit that relationship advice can be good for both sex and one size does not fit all. Ultimately, if someone really wants to be in a relationship and stay that’s all that truly matters. Go out there and make your own love chemistry. When you get that women (or man) do all within your power to make it worth it. For some happiness is created others it is pursued, but through it all just do you.