Men and women alike both desire a better life for themselves and their families. Yet a large majority of us continue to be plagued by deep-seated fears that prevent us from enacting solutions that will transform our lives.

Here’s a bit of advice.

Ask yourself what’s preventing you from getting to the next level?

  • Is it fear of change?
  • Is it worry about what everyone else thinks about you?

Take my advice. Put one foot in front of the other and remember that there is always:

  • a new business waiting for you to launch it
  •  an application for school is waiting for you to fill it,
  • a promotion is waiting for you to grab it,
  • a new job at a company that you’ve been dreaming of joining is waiting for you.

If you’re waiting on a sign from God to determine whether to make your move, wait no more. See it and make your move.

Spouses, don’t be afraid of what’s to come because of failures in the past. Assure him/her that you have a plan in place and solicit their constructive guidance and feedback to increase their investment in your plan. If your uncertainty lies in financial constraints, demonstrate how this will benefit the entire family and not waste the families’ hard-earned money. Once your family is on board, execute your strategic plan with excellence.

Stick to the Plan

  • When you wake up in the morning, thank God for another day to pursue your dream.
  • Make a commitment to do one thing every day that will get you closer to the next level.
  • And never give up. Never, never give up. Whether it takes 6 months, a year or several years, never, never give up. Only stop chasing your dream when it’s time to create another one.
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Dr. Sanders, PHD is the owner of DIVERSE LEGACY, INCORPORATED, DBA Sanders & Associates and DIVERSE BUSINESS SOLUTIONS. She is a licensed Psychologist & Certified School Psychologist as well as a clinical psychologist. She has conducted many physio-therapeutic, psychological and pyschoeducational evaluations and treatments. In addition to psychotherapeutic services, she has provided behavioral interventions as well as crisis assessment and management with children and adolescents with severe emotional and behavioral disorders. She has also worked with teachers on the essential components of descriptive feedback and formative assessment and how to enhance student performances based on constructive feedback.