Decriminalization of Black Hair

The Decriminalization of Black Hair

Every year, a controversial story on “Hair Discrimination” surfaces on our social media platforms leaving its users either enraged or in support of the “neat hair movement”. In the Contemporary Trinidadian context, this trend...

The TTFA Vs FIFA Saga Part 2

Today as the world continues to battle the Pandemic Coronavirus (COVID 19). Rules and regulations such as social distancing and quarantine which have been handed down to citizens all through the Caribbean, the United...

The Caribbean in a Post-Coronavirus World

In the past, many of our pieces looked ahead towards the future as we urged preparation, policy change and a regional drive to take the initiative. Back then, the ‘time of urgency’ or ‘major...

Youthtime Application Call for Summer School 2020

Youthtime Application Call for summer school 2020 - Future Skills for Workplace Sustainability: Preparing for Transition. Even amidst the challenges of covid-19 globally, planning for a future with a sustainable workforce to cope with new...
Is hope on the horizon

Is Hope on the Horizon for the West Indies Cricket Team?

New Management for Windies Cricket The West Indies Cricket Team's new management is well on its way to implementing changes that should result in an improvement in the team's performance. Some of these transitions are...

Not Too Young to Run a Business

Suhas Gopinath is an Indian entrepreneur and the Founder and CEO of Globals Inc., a multinational Web and IT solutions company that he created at 14 years old. He was once recognized as the...
A Study of cricket teams

A Careful Study of the Test Cricket Teams is Needed

The CWI must now return to the drawing board where coaches, must come together to view ALL the videotapes of our own team and more importantly, our opponents.
climate change

Addressing Climate Change Challenges In The Caribbean

Climate Change is a topic that should, in theory, seem like a straightforward matter. Yet in reality, it is a puzzling source of controversy, mired in a heavily politicised and ideological storm of debate. One...

Exploring a change in the CWI Presidency.

It is so timely that there is a suggestion that the leadership for the Presidency of the CWI has begun.
ICT Development

ICT Development – A National Focus

Why do public transport workers still use clipboards and paperwork? Could this work be achieved via devices as simple as a tablet, something that grows cheaper with each passing year, a customized application and sufficient network security?

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