climate change

Addressing Climate Change Challenges In The Caribbean

Climate Change is a topic that should, in theory, seem like a straightforward matter. Yet in reality, it is a puzzling source of controversy, mired in a heavily politicised and ideological storm of debate. One...

Exploring a change in the CWI Presidency.

It is so timely that there is a suggestion that the leadership for the Presidency of the CWI has begun.
ICT Development

ICT Development – A National Focus

Why do public transport workers still use clipboards and paperwork? Could this work be achieved via devices as simple as a tablet, something that grows cheaper with each passing year, a customized application and sufficient network security?
Busyness Trap

Busting out of the Busyness Trap!

Our Western world ideology has conditioned us to believe that one measure for or route to success is the amount of hours we spend either at work or focusing on work. More and more I’ve started to feel that ‘busy’ is a trap that I’ve fallen into.

CATALYST – Harmonising Activities in the Caribbean Cultural Ecology

The main project that will be developed over the coming year is the revitalization of an online portal that will bring the various communities of creative practice together and serve as a repository for past and ongoing research projects on the cultural domain.

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