plastic bags and rising food prices

Negotiating Plastic Bag Charges and Fast Food Price Rises

After all, if we truly believe in the power of consumer choice then who, or what, can force us to pay for a plastic bag, or for unhealthy food?
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Unearthing the Art of Forest Bathing in the Caribbean

So many persons in search of this inner healing travel to this Caribbean oasis to experience the true benefits of "forest bathing" without venturing to the far East in search of this blessing.

Health Only Possible With Wealth?

It’s no secret that healthcare in Trinidad and Tobago, and by extension, the wider Caribbean, isn’t what it should be. Lack of personnel, equipment, medicine and even modern facilities are frequently cited gripes aired...
Busyness Trap

Busting out of the Busyness Trap!

Our Western world ideology has conditioned us to believe that one measure for or route to success is the amount of hours we spend either at work or focusing on work. More and more I’ve started to feel that ‘busy’ is a trap that I’ve fallen into.

The Big “S” – A Silent Killer

Being in a constant state of distress triggers an overreaction in your body in order to frantically and successfully regain and maintain the body’s equilibrium.
South Spa

South Spa: Skin Care by Annastasia

South Spa is more than a spa. Why? Beauty is more than a pretty face. It is the balance of caring for the body and mind with accentuation.

10 Health Benefits of Carrot Juice

Carrots are the healthiest vegetables around. Needless to say, drinking carrot juice can do wonders for your health

Not Another Chocolate Story

The best chocolate has been made in a lab by a cocoa scientist.

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